• LED-Candle

Lighting up any scene, we are able to add your message, strapline or company name to our elegant Led-Candles. Placed on the side of the attractive glass housing, this means that the LED inside the product actually lights up your name, if wanted. The LED inside offers a 'small glint' lighting effect for maximum impact. The light source can be turned on and off, so it can be used only when it is needed and could be used on multiple occasions, if so desired. The Led-Candle is a cylindrical promotional product and the LED light within it is removable, offering the ultimate in flexibility of use. The candle holder is white in appearance so it will fit in well with any table decoration or corporate colour scheme. A single Led-Candle weighs just 50g, meaning that many can be transported to and fro without having to worry about excessive shipping costs.

Item size:
58 mm x ⌀ 45 mm

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